About SureelArt



I am Sureel Kumar, a mosaic artist from Giddarbaha, Punjab, India, partly living in Vienns, Austria.


I like to create unique wood mosaics with teak, pine and other domostic woods. I like to work with wood. The wood is alive, beautiful, warm, light, strong, flexible and easy to work with simple tools. Working with wood makes me calm and centered.


Currently, I am making wooden mosaic wall panels.


I am fascinated with the art of ancient civilizations. I am inspired by the unknown great artists of Khajuraho, Egypt, Hampi and tribal cave artists.


As a mosaic artist, I personally feel that using wood as a medium for my mosaics give the observer a glimpse of the wonderful work of Mother Nature in the shape of unique, beautiful and endless patterns of the wood grain.


My goal is to offer unique wooden mosaics to individuals, who appreciate wood art.