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About Sureel - Artist Statement - Sureel in an Exhibition at IFACS New Delhi - Sureel Art Gallery Gidderbaha, Pb, India and Vienna Austria

"I always feel myself as a tiny, unique piece of an ever-changing, grand mosaic of this Existence I am living in. For me, human beings, animals, trees, birds, insects, mountains, rivers, seas, planets, and stars are the unique pieces of this grand mosaic that goes on changing itself all the time into beautiful murals. I also feel that an invisible force behind this grand mosaic keeps changing each piece while keeping it unique at the same time. It looks like this invisible force is constantly trying to express something special and unique in the form of music, poetry, song, dance, art, etc. through each piece.

I often get new ideas and flashes from an unknown source. Mostly, these unique ideas arise in my dreams, when I am sitting silently and doing nothing, or when I am reading or listening to Osho, Ramana Maharishi, Punja Baba, J. Krishnamurty, Gurdjief, Kabir, Nanak, etc. I strongly feel that Existence or an invisible force is trying to express something through me in the form of beautiful, unique wooden mosaics, murals, and sculptures.

I am in love with wood. In wood, I see the beautiful art of Mother Nature in the form of beautiful, unique grain patterns. That's why wood is the medium of most of my artwork. My process starts with sketching the new idea on a piece of plywood. Then I take wooden pieces that blend well with the idea, grind them, burn and colour them if needed, and paste them on the plywood base with adhesive. Usually I try to burn and colour the wooden pieces in such a way that the strokes of Mother Nature are boldly visible through the colours. I want the observers to see my art dancing with the art of Mother Nature. Currently, I am trying to find my real self through wooden mosaics, murals, and sculptures in the Who am I? series." - Sureel

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