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In the universe, everything seems revolving around something else. Everything is in a flux. How beautifully everything is functioning. Is there a source? From where ideas come to me and go on manifesting through me?

Such were the thoughts around me during the Sureel Art season 2. The Life cycle series happened in this season. Hilma AF Klint inspired me to make some pieces on Buddha's theme of 'Balance'. The plight of Indian women moved me to bring Indra and Ahilya story into wood. 

Most of the artworks in Sureel Art Season 2 are based on mysteries of life and  are abstract in nature.

If you like the artworks in this season, then please share it with your near and dears!

And if you wish to buy any artwork created in Sureel Art Season 2, then please contact me at  +91 78376 11353 or Email me for more details.

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