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Dialogue with inner bull series is inspired by the Ten Zen Bull ancient paintings which originated in ancient China and moved to Japan. In these Zen Bull paintings, a man is searching his true nature or true self.

I am also in search of my own self. In this search, my art series, "Who am I?" is helping me a lot. I also feel that the bull/ true self is inside me and to know it, I need to communicate with it. And, a series of artworks got started. Through the wood mosaics/ sculptures, I am trying to have a dialogue with my bull.

I hope you will like the artworks in Dialogue with inner bull series. If you really like them, then please share it with your family members and friends.

If you wish to have any of these artworks, then feel free to contact me at +91 78376 11353 or Email me for more details.

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