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Let's imagine a harmonious state, where two opposite but complementary energies, like Shiva-Shakti or Yin-Yang, go on playing in harmony.

But as you know, nothing stays the same forever in Existence. It is a mystery why things go on changing all the time. They change due to sheer boredom? I am not sure. But when Shiva and Shakti, the two basic forces in the universe decide to get out of harmony, each of them desires to be something else and to do something opposite but complementary. 

When the desires become utterly stronger individually, then the two contrary but complementary forces of Nature, start their journey in the opposite direction by falling apart.

In a state when you are alone and free, you start expanding. I feel that Shiva and Shakti too, being apart, start expanding. And it is a mystery that during this expansion, how they get entangled with each other again.

Again, any kind of expansion can not go on and on forever. I feel there comes a point when the expansion stops mysteriously and Shiva-Shakti start pulling back towards each other.

When two opposite energies start attracting each other and flowing towards each other, they consolidate themselves into a single entity. I feel that in the same way Shiva and Shakti consolidate and move again towards a state of almost perfect and beautiful harmony.

As I see, this is how life cycle goes on...

All the artworks in this series, The Life Cycle are minimal and abstract in nature.

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