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The first season of art, started very early in my life when I was in 8th standard. My first sketch was of Gautama the Buddha, which I copied from my stud book. But at those times I was forced to study science and focus on my future to get a so called good job. So the focus went away from art.

Then again, when I was 25, I joined my friends Hakam Sufi and Kewal, who were making wood sculptures and doing some painting. I sculpted a body half wood statue of a woman, wooden chairs from a log of wood and some other small pieces. It gave me pleasure and I felt at peace while making them. But afterwards I got involved in routine life to financially secure my family.

Obeying the social system, which told me to this and do that, I got 48, unsatisfied with all the jobs I had. I started pondering seriously about the purpose of my life. I wished to do something which would give me joy and peace. Osho helped me a lot to understand the meaning of my life. During meditation, I used to get very vivid images of art, which in reality were nowhere in the world. The urge to create something unique got stronger and stronger. And one day, suddenly, I was convinced to create wood mosaics, murals and sculptures, based on the flashes and ideas I have got. And then, the first season of Sureel Art started with a bang!

I enjoyed a lot while creating them. I hope you will also like them and feel the subtle peace through them.

If you wish to posses any of these unique & original artworks, then please contact me at +91 78376 11353 or Email me for more details.

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