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Parshvanath Magic Square Art series is inspired by the mysterious Parshvanath Magic Square. This magic square is engraved in a granite slab and embedded in the wall of a 10th-century Parshvanath temple in Khajuraho, MP, India.This is the first 4x4 most perfect magic square found in India. I strongly feel that the Parshvanath Magic Square has an answer to the mysteries of human life and this universe.

In this magic square, 1-16 numbers are used and sum of any four digits is 34. The sum of each 2X2 sub square is 34. Diagonal and distant diagonal sum is 34.Horizontal and vertical sum of 4 squares is 34, and there are many more combinations.

I feel this magic square very mysterious. It looks it is pointing to some basic truth about our existence. When I started playing with the numbers 1-2-3-4-5....16, I felt that Parshvanath Magic Square is clearly pointing to Gurdjieff's Enneagram, DNA structure, life on earch as fish and to other structures, which show complete balance and beauty. Is it just a coincidence? I do not know.

Take some time and have a look at the artworks in Parshvanath Magic Square series. Maybe you will also find some strange facts.

If you wish to have any of these artworks, then feel free to contact me at +91 78376 11353 or Email me for more details.

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