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The search to know myself is again at the center stage of Sureel Art Season 7. While creating each new artwork, I witnessed new facts about myself. I feel that it is becoming easier to see the patterns of my own thoughts, habits and emotions. Maybe the artworks from this season 7 can help you to know more about yourself too?! 

In this season, I also started a new series based on the mysterious Parshvanath Magic Square. This magic square is engraved in a granite slap and embedded in the wall of a 10th-century Parshvanath temple in Khajuraho, MP, India.

I hope you will enjoy the messages that Existence expressed through me in this season.

If you have got enough money and wish to use that money to posses a unique artwork, then please contact me at +91 78376 11353 or

 Email me for more details.

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