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Lord of Animals

Wood Mosaic/ Mural,

36 X 49 Inches, 2020 Sureel Kumar

Inspired by/ tribute to the great unknown artists, from a prehistoric civilization (aprx. 10000 BC), who created this wonderful Petroglyph at Barsu Sada, near Rajapur, Maharashtra.

Special thanks to Sudhir Risbood, Dhananjay Marathe, Makarand Kesarkar and Sushant ji. They have found, researched and catalogued hundreds of Petroglyph sites near Ratnagiri and Rajapur without the help of government. Their hard work is still going on.

Lord of Animals  Wood Mosaic/ Mural 36 X 48.5 Inches 2020 Sureel Kumar - Sureel Art Gallery, Gidderbaha, PB, India and Vienna, Austria

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