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Who am I? #10

Stuck in the Groove?

Wood Mosaic/ Sculpture,

25 X 24 Inches, 2021 Sureel Kumar,

Who am I? #10  Stuck in the groove?! Wood Sculpture 25 x 24 Inches 2021 Sureel Kumar - Sureel Art Gallery, Gidderbaha, PB, India and Vienna, Austria

As I see it, I am just a combination of some mysterious ideas. From childhood up until now, I have been given many identities or ideas about who I am. But I am unable to find out my real self. One thing is certain: in my life, my mind plays a very influential role. But it is of no real help. It goes on and on debating but never comes to a conclusion. It seems stuck in a groove, playing the same tune, and goes on giving me bogus ideas about me. Who am I?

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