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Who am I? #4

Known, Unknown & Unknowable,

Wood Mosaic/ Mural,

27 X 24 Inches, 2021 Sureel Kumar,

Who am I? #4  Known, Unknown and Unknowable! Wood Mosaic/ Mural 26.5 x 24 Inches 2021 Sureel Kumar - Sureel Art Gallery, Gidderbaha, PB, India and Vienna, Austria

I always thought that there were only two kinds of things in the universe: known and unknown. But I was wrong. Now I feel that there is also a third part, which is the largest part, that may remain unknowable forever.

The universe seems infinite. Astronomers say there are billions of galaxies in the universe. In each galaxy, there are billions of solar systems like ours. There are trillions of earth-like planets in the universe. And the mind-blowing thing is that all the billions of galaxies are going away from each other, and their speed is increasing. What we know up to now is a very tiny part of the universe, and another tiny part that we think we don't know yet but will know in the future. But both known and unknown parts make up not even 0.1% of the universe. It is so vast that it seems that 99.9% of the universe will remain unknowable, a mystery. Here in this mosaic, the black part represents the unknowable part.

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